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    the 9

    Jim Hill has about 70 teachers on staff. next year (pending the confirmation of those teachers in parentheses) the Teacher Corps will represent about 13% of that staff. a charter school without a charter.

    Jacob Roth
    David Molina
    Tiffany Bartlett
    (Lily Chang-Chien)
    (Robbie Pollock)

    Deborah Raji
    Melissa Smith
    Steven Scriber

    (Sarah Worden)

    it's exciting and frightening. we'll have to manage a forseeable tension between us and the non-MTC staff (who may feel a little invaded), and we'll have to manage a healthy and non-combustible collaborative relationship between ourselves. a good start for a snowball, nonetheless.


    so much dignity

    this weekend jake and my civil rights/civil liberties (CR/CL) club took a two day, one night field trip to ole miss (re: james meredith) and memphis (re: civil rights museum). we had the opportunity to bring a rather nice digital camera with us, complements of jim hill h.s. - and i'd rather the pictures tell the story than me rambling on. so, i'm going to just set up a link to a slide show of our best pictures (240 of them) from the trip; we brought jake's laptop along to dump the best photos after each day, and i put them through another edit after we got home. the photos are posted on my flikr account, which is where the photos at the top of my blog come from - they are random picks from my public folders. feel free to poke around the other flikr photos - we've documented some CR/CL meetings, and I took alot of pictures of my IB students presenting a project on functions.

    also, it's important to note that i did not take all of these pictures. we all took some. if a student asked to use the camera, i showed them (in like 3 min, so nothing really at all) some basics on focusing, framing, and lighting (and i technically don't know anything about photography). then i set them loose. some kids got hooked, and kept grabbing the camera and walking around. in the aftermath, and in the editing process, it's delightfully unclear who had taken each picture. so, they belong to no one but all of us.

    the link: